Como House 'Reimagined'

A three-day event where twenty-six eminent Melbourne designers each decorated a room within Como House in their own unique style, bringing a fresh new look to the period residence from the grandest to the most humble of spaces.

This was the first year that the Como By Design completely transformed the historic Como House which was originally owned by the Armitage family and now under the National Trust of Victoria in 1956.

Como By Design
Como By Design

S|LC was invited by Brownlow Interior design to take part in the event and compose a team of specialists to create a picture-perfect garden gala party that depicted one of which the Armytage family would have thrown when they originally occupied the residence in the early 1800’s.

Como By Design
Como By Design
Como By Design

Centered around the background of the ‘Armytage family of Como’. The Armytage family lived at Como for nearly 95 years and was owned and managed by women from 1876 to 1959. The garden party was centered around the original theme of the parties held back in Federation for the Elite Melbourne Society. Where constant rounds of parties were held during this period and where all the Elite were wanting to be seen.

Suppliers: Cookes Food and Michael Strownix

List of designers: International guest – Nina Campbell (UK), Alexander Pollock, Beatrix Rowe Interior Design, Bragg & Co, Brownlow Interior Design, Camilla Molders Design, Caroline Touzeau Design, Chalmers Le Fevre, Danielle Serpanchy Interior Design, Jam Interiors, Julian Ronchi Garden Design & Nursery, Justin Bishop Interior Design, Kimpton Interiors, Maine House Interiors, Melissa Balzan Design, Milly + Co, Molecule, Mont Albert Interiors, Moss, Resident Avenue, Richard Hall & Son, Sisalla, Space Grace & Style Studio Stamp, Tigger Hall Design, Vincent Jenden Design, Anne Loughnan Flowers.

The rooms and designers that took S|LC’s breath away

- Brownlow Interior design
- Studio Stamp
- Adelaide Bragg
- Beatrix Rowe 
- Julian Ronchi

Brownlow at Como By Design
Adelaide Bragg at Como By Design
Studio Stamp at Como By Design
Beatrix Rowe Wire Dresses at Como By Design
Julian Ronchi at Como By Design