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This quarter we had the pleasure of talking to Sophie Cookes, who is the Founder and Director of Cookes Food. S|LC recently moved into a space within the Cookes head office where the two have formed a strong relationship, one that has been growing since S|LC started. Both businesses have worked on many events together, most recently a wedding in Merricks where Cookes Food, S|LC and Michael Strownix collaborated to create an unforgettable event for the happy couple.

Cookes Catering & Events

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do for a living?

I’m the Director of Cookes Food, we specialise in catering and events and are renowned for premium restaurant quality food for events at creative spaces in Melbourne and beyond.  Our bespoke approach to curating each menu and event produces unique culinary experiences that reflect the client, the space and their brand. In a nutshell I became so obsessed with food as a child that I made it my business.

What’s your main source of inspiration?

Strangely my inspiration comes from things that are completely unrelated to food and events in most cases for example art, music, movies, even history. I think it’s a matter of seeking inspiration in everything and everyone.

Cookes Catering & Events
Cookes Catering & Events

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Passionate, emotional, driven

What do you love most about your job?

Being able to collaborate with creative’s such as yourself, florists and even clients who often have their own vision.

What would be your last meal?

That’s a ridiculous question because it would change depending on my mood at that exact moment and depend on where I am.  Am I in southern Italy? Then a pasta dish that speaks to the region.... am I cooking or is someone else?  There are so many questions?  Okay right now... its a little bit cool so I have been craving osso bucco with white polenta and gremolata :)

Cookes Catering & Events
Cookes Catering & Events

Describe a day in the life at Sophie Cookes, from when you wake up and go to bed?

I wake up between 5am and 7am because my 2 year old has a sick sense of humour.  Depending on the day of the week I get up and watch cartoons with Otis. I like to be in at work earlier before everyone else gets there. I begin with a coffee and catch up with James our Head Chef and then I have a sit down and debrief tasks and key priorities with the team. I eat lunch at my desk, as I don’t usually have time to do otherwise. I work until 5pm because I like to be home to spend time with Otis before he goes to bed and then I like to have dinner with my husband or friends or anyone who will pop in really as I’m a shameless feeder! To be honest everyday is different and that’s the beauty in it... I get to create my own adventure.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Sleep when the baby sleeps? 
Haha I have been lucky and have always been given amazing advise from so many different people.  Skye Gyngell always told me to do things with a spirit of generosity this has always stuck with me because people often say that I cannot do that within a commercial enterprise but that isn’t actually true and I think living by this is what makes the business work.

Cookes Catering & Events
Cookes Catering & Events

What should everyone try at least once in her lifetime?

  • Oysters
  • Spicy margarita
  • Australian prawns
  • Anchovies
  • Nebbiolo
  • Dinner in little restaurants in the corners of the globe

Words you live by?

Love what you do.

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