Michael Strownix

This quarter we talk candidly to Michael Strownix, a successful florist who has overcome the stress and immense pressure of running his own business.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do for a living?

After my nervous breakdown last year, I had to give up my very successful company ‘Where the Grass is Green’ and overcome the desire to jump out of the window!

I sold my apartment and moved in with friends, which helped me reconnect with my passion of garden and floral design and where I am now.

I still live a busy life juggling different client projects ranging from:

- Gardening experiences – I will be launching a new brand soon ‘Get Real’
- Installation work - Ranging from massive roof installations, floral fit outs and award-winning work at London Chelsea Flower Show and Melbourne Flower Garden show.

Recently I have collaborated with Cookes Foods and Styled by Louisa Curtis working across a number of events, Cookes Food’s 10-year celebration and a cookbook which will be released this Christmas.

When I am bored I create friend’s dinner parties, always doing this with my trusted assistant Clarence Studgemore... my French bulldog who goes absolutely anywhere with me!

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What’s your main source of inspiration?

People… and what we pull out of our heads together!

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Not normal, wait… medicated but very very happy!

What’s the scariest thing about your job?

When I see my reflection and windows, no seriously not letting life or work get the better of me.

What your favourite flower/plant?

Malm installations which is a giant ravenous mosquito breading plant that used to grow in the rainforest of Scotland in 2000BC. They actually grow to the sound of bagpipes!

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Describe a day in the life for you?

Day in life one Monday in June with my assistant Clary

- 6am wake up
- Mr Clarence Studgemore does a wee, has a walk and we have breakfast
- I pick up garden deliveries for a garden we are working on while Clary attacks all the builders
- Clary and I head to Half Acre, a new Food and Desire venue for a site planning meeting. Where I am creating a massive garden fit out.
- Then off to Bunnings to source herbs for Cookes Food dinner and ear mark pots for Half Acre. Clary was stopped at the entrance because he wasn’t wearing a muzzle, to which I quickly responded. Frustrated, I left Clary with the Bunnings assistant while I did a dash shop to get what was needed.
- Next stop, Agent Group to buy Clary a rug and pillows and source pots for another client project.
- Lunch at Berties Butcher, where we eat slow cooked pork and minced meat.
- Whilst eating lunch I called my fellow friends at Bunnings Collingwood to organise 20 piles of dirt.
- After chronic indigestion, Clary and I proceeded to the $2 shop to buy floating candles and brandy balloons for the Cookes Food Red Wine night.
- Whilst purchasing the brandy balloons Clary did a runner… I caught him one foot away from the road, in such distress I fell into the store display and knocked it all onto the street, as a result hurting my leg!
- Staggering up the road Clary and I headed up to Richmond garden to organise the dirt and pots whilst also overseeing the builders welding the Rio arches for the next Cookes Food dinner.
- Ending the day …collapsing on the couch to catch up on the latest Bold & The Beautiful whilst consuming some of my favourite things (if you know me well enough, you would know what these favourite things are… wink, wink…)
- Then retreated upstairs for bookkeeping and bed.

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What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Take 75 milligrams.

What should everyone try at least once in their lifetime?

Penetration… leads to so many things and takes you in so many directions.

Words you live by?

Try …really try!

Year of the?


Text or call?

Both, all the time. I won’t give up until I get an answer (one way or another I will get onto them!)

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